Brunch n Grind.

Brunch n Grind is the brain child of two of the most brilliant, inspiring and motivational women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Kat & Vanessa are fitness and foodie fanatics much like myself, and created Brunch n Grind with the mission to demystify the intimidating world of fitness-  one class at time, pairing this with a delicious and well-deserved Brunch. ‘Train Hard, Brunch Harder’.

I emailed Kat & Vanessa one Friday afternoon, after incessantly refreshing their IG feed and blog for new posts and reviews. It was completely out of character for me to pluck up the courage and email with a motive, but their sheer honesty and genuineness was what really inspired me to just go for it.

I was so attracted to Brunch n Grind because Kat & V were so open about not knowing it all, and were inviting their readers to go on the journey with them. I knew instantly I wanted to be part of the B&G community and contribute in any way I could.

A few hours and a couple hundred email refreshers later, a message appeared in my inbox and we scheduled in a coffee date.  Fast forward a couple weeks, and I was off to my first fitness event as part of the B&G team – roof top yoga with Adam Husler!  The months that followed saw invites to a huge variety of events, both fitness and food related, all of which you can find on the blog. Not to mention, winning the HBC Health Bloggers Award for Best New Blog!!!

Almost a year on, and I can honestly say, they are 2 of my best friends. We confide in one another about everything from boys, to squat proof leggings, all over a well-deserved and always delicious, (sometimes boozy) brunch. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or a chore. When you find something that brings you joy and determination, stick with it.

I hope to continue contributing to B&G from my new home of Bath, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled both on here, the Brunch n Grind blog and of course, Instagram. Because if it doesn’t appear on IG, did it even happen?

Take a look at some of the featured posts I had the pleasure of writing below!

Amy xo.